Manny pacquiao funny

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Manny pacquiao funny

Now, as well as acknowledging that he must study his star man's latest performance, Roach is laying the blame for the result so squarely on the officials that he is questioning whether Ms Roldan and referee Mark Nelson should be allowed near a fight ever again. That decision would have depended solely upon to what extent he and his master trainer Freddie Roach analysed his skills to be in decline. The more serious damage has been inflicted upon both Pacquiao's legacy and the reputation of the fight game itself. A cheat was in the house There are some fights which can serve as a flashbulb of sorts in our pugilistic memories. Splitting his time between training for upcoming bouts, and squaring off with the opposition in the political ring surely isn't helping him maintain his once untouchable skills. In case you missed it At 38, Pacquiao should now have the option of sailing off into his boxing sunset - and full-time politics as a Philippines Senator - following his 60th victory in a stellar 68 fight career.

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