Funny nicknames for cassandra

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Funny nicknames for cassandra

He just didn't want to give up on such a unique and beautiful girl like Patti, even if she was a year or two younger than him. Geddies and before they learned this name, they called them the New Tirin, or N. Being miserable builds character! It is possible he works out to impress Patti Mayonnaise. He is shown to be good underneath his arrogance and is quite misunderstood by many characters on the show. It is rare Guy to make it through a sentence without using some sort of slang such as "kickin'", "slammin'", "faboo", calling Holidays by alternative names such as "Heart Day", calling his friends by nicknames such as "Doug-ster", and using the word "BANG" when he gets excited.

Funny nicknames for cassandra

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