Funny pisa pics

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Funny pisa pics

Anna Constantinova Seeing Further. There is no mention of whether the damage has spread to the home of John Bercow, the Speaker, and his wife Sally, who live in a flat in the shadow of the tower. John Burland, emeritus professor and senior research investigator from Imperial College London who has worked on the Big Ben tower — as well as the one in Pisa — said: Mecca clock vs Big Ben 11 Aug The problem has been blamed on decades of building work that have gone on around the foot of the structure - ft 96m tall, with 11 storeys and stairs - since it was completed in P Clearing The Rocks. The report identifies areas affected, including corridors where ministers and shadow ministers have their offices.

Funny pisa pics

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Funny Pictures Of Tourists Posing At The Leaning Tower

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