Funny picture of baboon

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Funny picture of baboon

What is an aliens favorite sport? Stimpy wishes for the world to no longer need material possessions bye bye, money , for racial equality bye bye, women and hello middle aged men of varying ethnicity and live somewhere it's hot and people never grow old cue the duo hurtling towards the sun, after the heat disintegrates his hand to slap Stimpy, Ren can only sulk and wait oblivion as the similarly melting wide-eyed Stimpy babbles pious jargon. It starts off with the show's traditional title card, with Baboon in the place of Stimpy. It's absolutely hilarious to see Stimpy, of all people, acting just like Ren does. It's family fun when your kids get to laugh with you and the world! Wear not the hat of unleavened bread, for it is diseased. It basically set the tone for the series.

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Funny Baboons Doing Baboon Things

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Funny picture of baboon

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