Funny conversation with cleverbot

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Funny conversation with cleverbot

As Link stood there his body spasmed irregularly back and forth I examined what had become of my avatar and noticed I had a C button item I had never seen before, some kind of note, but pressing it did nothing. This will be the last time you will be hearing from me, and this is my final gift to you - these are the notes that I have taken and the realizations I've made. Shortly after his parents moved, and despite any further attempts to talk to the man to get more information, he wouldn't divulge anything else. BEN thinks it would have been hilarious to just randomly close a window or move the mouse a little bit occasionally and wait for Jadusable to notice. It was the Happy Mask Salesman that scared me more profoundly than the other two.

Funny conversation with cleverbot

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"DERPY EVIE!" - Cleverbot Evie - (Funny Moments)

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