Funny short best man speeches

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Funny short best man speeches

As always my wife understood my misery and came up with a perfect solution! If you mention that time when the groom and bride broke off their engagement for three weeks or talk about how much more fun your best friend used to be before he got with his "ball and chain," then his wife may never forgive you. You may face a rowdy crowd and may have to hit the tines of your fork against your wine glass a few times, or to wait for people to settle down before you begin your speech. I will also teach you what body language to display, how to use particular facial expressions during the talk, how to modulate your voice and how to remain calm and composed on the wedding day. Don't thank them for "paying for" the celebration, but rather, for helping to make it possible. If you're nervous, that's fine - people understand that public speaking can be nerve-racking, and they'll usually be very sympathetic. These easy to follow instructions will boost your confidence level immensely and as a result you will come across as an experienced public speaker on the wedding day.

Funny short best man speeches

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Short but funny best man speech

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