Funny politically correct terms

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Funny politically correct terms

This left-liberal British newspaper, which is the polar opposite of the Daily Mail, insists in its style and usage guide that the word "actress" is now obsolete, and all members of the thespian profession, regardless of gender, should be called "actors". Part of the reason she outwitted him was that his plan to beat her basically relied on her being an easily-led moron, and he found it remarkable that she wasn't, so in essence Holmes lost because his attitude was biased in a sexist manner. Even in the most open-minded of Chinese dynasties, something like that wouldn't have gone over very well. And nothing for her. How to live in a world that's politically correct? Thor and Captain America are also shown to be deeply angry and frustrated over the issue, believing that the Avengers should base their recruitment on actual talent, ability, competence, teamwork and dedication and not on ethnicity.

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Funny politically incorrect flight attendants

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Funny politically correct terms

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