Funny on air bloopers

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Funny on air bloopers

The Chicago Times ran an article in May about goofs, recounting practical jokes that included spiking drinks, writing lines on a cue card in reverse or holding them upside down and even sketching nude drawings on cue cards [ 2 ]. It wasn't as easy to preserve outtakes in the days when television was shot on film. Bloopers Live On The Air Outtakes, also commonly known as bloopers, goofs or gaffs, are the result of someone involved with the production of a television program messing up. Outtakes from a rehearsal of Richard Nixon's resignation speech. Similarly, newsreaders have only a short time to deliver a large amount of information and are prone to mispronounce place names and people's names, or switch a name or word without realizing it, as in a slip-of-the-tongue or Freudian slip.

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FUNNIEST LAUGHING NEWS BLOOPERS - Best News Anchors Can't Stop Laughing

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Funny on air bloopers

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