Funny disses to say

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Funny disses to say

That so funny, I am laughing and my mum walked in and she asked what so I told her she peed her pants I am voting for you because you have the best one, my friends is obsessed with chicken too Laugh out loud awesome diss definitely using this one This is an awesome diss really good to use in a dissing competition This is so bad this insult is dryer than my mum fanny 18 Your mum's so fat that when she went to sea, the whales came up and started singing "we are family". He should be standing right [here]. Who knows what could've went down if a this was in fact Drake going in on Kendrick and b the world got to hear the interview And they are leading the move to make open blasphemy of Jesus Christ, normal and acceptable. June 15, - The destroyed interview Let former NFL player Marcellus Wiley tell it, there was in fact a beef between the two, and he had a front row seat. I took one and you said "Oy! These two haven't worked together on anything musical since

Funny disses to say

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