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Scott mcclure joker

Joker gave the passengers of each ship the detonator to the bombs to the other and offered both a chance at survival if they detonated the other ferry. The mobsters were at first unwilling to hear him out, and Gambol , one of the crime lords who seemed to take the most dislike for the Joker, sent one of his men to take him out by force. Joker lacked any fear of being killed in his actions, as demonstrated by his trying to goad Batman into running him over as well as laughing when Batman threw him off the roof, which made him far more dangerous. John Cusick, Chair, - 2; Hayden Phillips - 2: Batman finally confronted the Joker, which led to an intense fight between the two vigilantes with the Joker using a metal bar and a knife. Similar to Two-Face, the Joker left prominent examples of chaos to chance, such as blowing up a hospital or the two ferries. So whose it going to be?

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Scott mcclure joker

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