Photocopier jokes images

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Photocopier jokes images

From there I sprayed the whole thing with gold paint to give it a nice metallic finish. I took my time to draw a template for the mask, knowing that I would need multiple copies of it to complete the mask. In fact, Kennedy prominently featured on the FBI's surveillance tapes of Arvad, known as her mysterious suitor "Jack" -- well before someone figured out who he really was. While the classic trick was to remove the mouse's tracker ball, nowadays you can achieve the same effect by putting some tape over the mouse's laser tracker. So really, when he killed Hamilton himself a few years later, Burr was kinda just taking back what was owed. Sit and smirk at everything on the morning of the 1st. I headed off to the photocopier to save myself some effort and get some perfect copies.

Photocopier jokes images

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