Accounting april fools jokes

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Accounting april fools jokes

She had a very comprehensive view of the whole outline of our current problems and I have finally decided to abandon the Democrats for the Greens. The Greens actually have young local candidates running for the NJ State legislature all of whom expressly mentioned Green Transit — ie increased Rail and bus transit instead of Auto Addiction in their sprawl areas. To the basement you go, Pulitzers. Nonetheless, a thrilled audience leapt to its feet when the curtain drew back to reveal Little Steven and his new Disciples lineup augmented by a certain Freehold native on Gibson guitar and, to his left, former local whiz kid David Sancious and another local bandleader by the name of Southside Johnny. I know I screwed up, but four months ago I was given a raise and a slight bump in title because my annual review was so good.

Accounting april fools jokes

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