Ira funeral attack

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Ira funeral attack

With the document in transit to Belfast, Hughes took the decision to save McKenna's life and end the strike after 53 days on 18 December. Blanket protest and dirty protest On 14 September , newly convicted prisoner Kieran Nugent began the blanket protest , in which IRA and Irish National Liberation Army INLA prisoners refused to wear prison uniform and either went naked or fashioned garments from prison blankets. On November 21st timer-activated bombs were placed in two central Birmingham pubs, the Mulberry Bush and the Tavern in the Town. The local police kept watch on Classiebawn castle for the one month a year Lord Mountbatten spent there. The attack has called into question the security arrangements surrounding the Mountbatten party. Irish civil warScenes of Dublin, including views of the shelled Four Courts building and wounded Free State soldiers, after the start of the Irish civil war in June

Ira funeral attack

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IRA volunteers funerals attacked by foreign mercenaries in Ireland.

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