Family acknowledgement written on funeral programs

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Family acknowledgement written on funeral programs

The samples are noted according to the expression of help or service. If no such request is made, the submission shall be deemed complete on the thirty-fifth day after its receipt by the division. No two are alike. So long as the lands of a rural cemetery corporation organized under the act entitled "An act authorizing the incorporation of rural cemetery associations," constituting chapter one hundred thirty-three of the laws of eighteen hundred forty-seven, and the acts amendatory thereof, shall remain dedicated to the purpose of a cemetery, no street, road, avenue or public thoroughfare shall be laid out through such cemetery, or any part of the lands held by such association for the purposes aforesaid, without the consent of the trustees of such association and the cemetery board. Proceedings to review such order shall be entitled to a preference.

Family acknowledgement written on funeral programs

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Funeral Service Acknowledgements 101 Homegoing Service

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